November 21, 2016

...Awkward Awesome Friday (errr Monday)...

(This lasted a good 10 minutes with no fighting!)

*Yeah so I'm three days late posting this...
*putting up Christmas decorations the second weekend in November... but I just couldn't help myself.
*the sheer volume of comments I get about the damn candy jar that sits on my desk.  Because, you know I love to hear everyone complain about what is or is not in the jar.
*How Lucy will sleep anywhere.  She could sleep in the cat tower, on the couch or on the ottoman... but sometimes she chooses to call it quits in the middle of the living room floor.

*Monday afternoon my office was visited by a WWII veteran.  The building we are in is a renovated elementary school.  During renovation, a few guys found a WWII plaque in the basement and FZ had it restored.  It contains the names of all the school alumni that served in the war.  This gentleman's name was on it.  He was adorable and listening to him point out people he knew that were also on the plaque, talk about going to school here and admire what we'd done to the building was so sweet.  There are so precious few WWII vets left and I'm so grateful to have met one.  He even served in the Navy, which is where my Grandpa Vince served. :D
*Get to see my family and one of my besties next week!
*Vikings on the History channel.  I'm hooked.  Go watch it, you'll thank me.
*Every Tuesday evening I get to spend with mushy faced fur babies at the animal shelter.  I swear if I had a house with a yard, I'd have taken home at least three by now.
*Receiving a thank you donut from a co-worker on Wednesday.  Those moments when my work is appreciated really keep me going.

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