October 3, 2016


This weekend was a special weekend where the Reeves clan welcomed a new member to the family.  A year ago my dad (a Chicago native of 55 years) reluctantly moved down to Dallas, TX for a job. Not long after, he met Juju and his life was turned upside down in the best way.  This past weekend they were married on a houseboat on a small lake in Frisco, TX.  (Who knew boating would be a thing in Texas?!) The ceremony was short and sweet, the weather was perfect, and lots of happy tears were shed.  The ceremony was followed by a small reception and a lively after party back at the house.

My parents no longer being married has never been an easy thing for me. Even ten years later. Whether it was the first time I met my mom's kind and generous partner in crime, Phil almost eight years ago or finding out my Dad was going to be remarried to the sweet and vivacious Juju.  It's never been 100% easy from a daughter's perspective.  But after this weekend and getting to see first hand the life that the two of them have started to build together and how happy they are, my perspective shifted in a even more positive way.  My sister put it perfectly while we were sitting around Dad's fire pit her, me, and my soon to be brother-in-law.  She said "I just want everyone I love to be happy".  And there was so much simplicity and truth to that statement.  Because, that's exactly what I want too.

Change can be hard, but I think I am heading into a season of acceptance so many years in the making.  I'm ready to switch from feelings of "what if" and "used to be" to feelings of growth and joy that out of a hard circumstance, each person in my family was able to find good things.  My family might have felt broken for a while, but now I can start to see it as growing instead of divided.  I've gained a stepmother in Juju, I will soon have Josh as a brother in law, and Phil is practically my stepdad in my eyes.  There is growth and joy and promise for more good things in the coming years.

Ok, enough mush.  Here are a few photos from my first trip to Texas.

 Thankful to say I stayed very calm on all of my flights.

 Friday Night Bonfire (aka, war against the fire ants)

 Saturday morning Texas sunrise.

Boating is a thing in Dallas.  Who knew?!  (#ourlakeisbetter) ;)

 Me and the sister.  We actually look a little alike with sunglasses on.  (jk, we look nothing alike)

 Me, Al, and Daddio

Josh and Al get hitched July 15, 2017.

A perfect shot that pretty much sums up the day. :D

 That cake was damn good!

 A perfect shot of the lake shore from the sky!

A huge smile on my face watching the sunshine peak through the clouds onto my beloved west Michigan.

Oh, hey Grand River!

I promised a friend I'd bring back sunshine after a week of rain in GR.  I kept my promise!

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