October 14, 2016


Today is it.  Today it has officially been one year since I left my home of 11 years, left the state I was born and raised in, and moved to West Michigan.  And I have to say, I haven't looked back!  It has been such a year of adventure.

A year ago I was...
*Using my GPS to get EVERYWHERE.
*Using each weekend to explore a different part of my new city.
*Walking into my new church home for my first official Sunday service.
*Doing most things alone.
*Wondering was the year would hold.
*Missing my best friend like crazy.
*So excited to experience all things West Michigan.

A Year Later I...
*Don't use the GPS nearly as much.
*Still love exploring new areas of GR and the surrounding areas.
*Have been on more dates than the rest of my years combined. (O_o)
*Have made great friends, said farewell to a couple moving back to Illinois, and welcomed home others.
*Have two cats even though I always swore I'd only have one. (no explanations there)
*Have learned more about contentment and how it is can never truly be found in where you live, who you are with, the friends you have, or the money you earn.  It is found in the little things God shows me everyday.
*Am more in love with West Michigan than I ever could have imagined.

This Year I Hope to...
*Visit the UP and northern Michigan.
*Find financial security with a permanent job.
*Adopt a dog.  (yes, I want more animals and I'm ok with that)
*Camp more.
*Get back into shape now that I'm adjusted and more at home.

This blog post is dedicated to all the people in my life who made this new season possible, encouraged me and supported me.  I've been told numerous times by the people I've met here that what I did was so courageous or so brave, and I know I could not have taken the leap without the PEOPLE surrounding me.  So thank you.  And here's to another great year filled with more new adventures.

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