July 29, 2016

Awesome Awkward Friday

(so true, and Whole30 makes it that more real)

-I'm living in MICHIGAN.  Yes, almost 10 months later, I'm still stoked about it.
-One of my dearest friends and her husband are officially staying in Michigan after three years in Alaska.  I'm beyond thrilled they are here to stay!
-Cornhole tournaments at work.
-The incredibly dirty FZ worker who came into the office on Tuesday.  Literally looked like he'd rolled around in the dirt.  I was very impressed not only by how hard he must be working but by the smudge of soot left on the desk when he left.

-Being staggered just so during kickboxing that you are face to face with another person while doing squats and forced to try and not make eye contact.
-Online dating.  Never stops being awkward.
-The sheer VOLUME of "wrong numbers" I get everyday at FZ.  And the amount of times people don't hear me say "Feyen Zylstra, this is Haley, how may I help you?" and then proceed to make their request that is clearly not for us.  When I finally tell them that there is no person by that name that works for us, or no we are not scheduled to have a bed and nightstand delivered to us be cause we are a BUSINESS... they finally hear me.  Oy.
-Every time I see anything about the election or hear anything about the election... all I can think of is King Theoden from Lord of the Rings prior to Helms Deep...
"How did it come to this?"


  1. Love it!!! :-D :) :) SO glad you are loving Michigan!!!!!

    1. Really hope you can visit someday! It's a pretty awesome place!


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