October 9, 2015

End of Year Goals

Hey friends!
I know it's been a while!

But this whole uprooting thing has kind of taken over my life the past several weeks.  Five days and counting before this whole process is over and I can finally relax and get back into a routine that doesn't involve working ALL the time and having no energy to do much else.  I'll be settling into my new city, in my new state, and meeting so many new people.  So I got to thinking tonight that I should probably start to set some goals for the next couple of months, and since I owe you all a blog post big time, here we go.

1. Keep the apartment a safe zone.  I will be working from home full time at least through Christmas and won't be actively pursuing other things after the new year.  So I will get to be in a food-safe zone where I won't be tempted with food days, vending machines, and easy access to fast food.  I'm excited to stock my fridge and pantry with healthy food and have time to prepare meals.

2. Get back to the gym.  My monthly rent comes with a free gym membership.  I plan on checking out that gym the week I arrive.  If it doesn't have the equipment or classes I'm hoping for, I'll be on a gym hunt.  The goal is to start weight training and get my muscles back!

3. Forget about the numbers.  Towards the middle of this year, I started to really psych myself out with pounds and pant sizes.  I've come to the conclusion that I've entered a new phase of this life transformation.  For me, it has to be about getting to a healthy place with food and exercise, not obsessing, and just plain living my life. 

There's so much ahead and I can't wait to share it here!   The goodbyes have started and I'm wavering back and forth between anxiety and excitement.  Wish me luck homies!

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  1. I love you and am extremely excited for you!!!


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