August 5, 2015

Updates on the Mitten

Happy Wednesday all!

Thought I'd take some time today to provide some updates for those curious about my impending move. 

This past weekend, I spent three heavenly days in west Michigan looking for apartments, spending time with dear friends before they headed back to Alaska for the school year, and getting doused in colored powder and glitter after and awesome 5K run! 

I've been looking for a place to live for a couple months now.  Narrowing down my search through the use of social media.  I've been all over the internet: Reddit,, and facebook trying to pick out the areas to stay away from and pin point where I would see myself living.

Well after Friday, I was more confused than ever.  Despite driving around most of the day and seeing different areas of town, I had no idea how to figure out where I ACTUALLY wanted to live.

So Saturday I enjoyed my color run, spent a glorious day at the beach, and then watched Ronda Rousey kick ass in the wee hours of the morning.  #worthit 

Sunday my friends took me to their church.  It's located on the north end of East Beltline in Grand Rapids; which is basically a long stretch running down the east side of the city.  They had lived in this area during their first year of marriage.  They pointed out how nice the area was and some of the great stores and assets to the neighborhood like orchards, a fantastic Meijer, and lots of growth in general.  As we drove through, I found that this was definitely sticking out compared to other neighborhoods I'd been in.

The church experience was great.  The style of worship, preaching, and prayer were so close to what I was used to and I had a very strong sense that I am doing the right thing moving away.  I met the pastors afterwards.  They were very kind and one even offered to connect me with people that might be able to find me a job!

So since I've been back, I've found an apartment complex off East Beltline and am now just waiting for my application to come in the mail ( Thanks again Dan for picking it up for me!).  I've also connected with that pastor and as of today he has passed along my resume to people in the church.

I do not have an exact move date yet, obviously since I don't have an apartment nailed down yet.  But October is the magic month.  So the plan is to simply save, save, work, save as much as I can and tie up loose ends.  But it's coming together!  It REALLY is!  As Ineke and I were driving through the city on Friday, all I kept thinking (and sometimes saying out loud) was "I can't believe I'm going to live here."  It's such a fantastically scary and wonderful idea.  A completely fresh start in a beautiful city.  What more could a girl ask for?

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