April 24, 2015

Let the Adventure Begin...

Happy Friday, homies!

Today I wanted to take some time on my 300th blog post to give you all an update on what's going on in my life.  As you're aware, last weekend I finished my first half marathon.  It was a huge feat that I am so proud of and so happy to say that I did on my own.  The race took place in my favorite area of the Midwest: Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I've traveled there many times through my teenage and young adult years for various things.  I first discovered the beauty in Michigan when I was 16, a sophomore in high school on a missions trip with my high school youth group.  We traveled to Sault Ste Marie Michigan and spent a week there serving the community.  Four years later, I traveled back to the upper peninsula to Cedar Campus with my college Intervarsity chapter.  I enjoyed yet another week connecting with my friends and with the Lord.  Finally I was introduced to western Michigan by my dear friend Ineke on a fourth of July vacation several years ago.  There I not only fell in love with the state all over again, but the city of Grand Rapids.  And for years Ineke, my friends Chris and Anna (who are now in Seattle), and Ineke's dear mother have tried to coax me to moving there. 

So what is my point?

My point is that I'm finally going through with it.  I am officially announcing to all of you who have been such wonderful friends, family, readers, encouragers that I am relocating to Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Honestly, it hasn't sunk in yet.  I'm still expecting the scared chicken side of me to back out.  A lot of different factors went into finally making the decision. I've been in Bloomington-Normal for almost 11 years.  Things in my life have been at a bit of a stand still in some areas and I've just felt so completely stuck.  I've begun to feel disconnected from my life here and the people I've always cared so dearly for.  When those feelings first started, I was frustrated by it.  I was confused and convinced it was my fault or that maybe people had just grown tired of me.  Then those feelings really began to put a rift in my relationship with God and the relationships with my friends.  It was so heartbreaking not feeling like a part of the family I'd grown to love over the past 10 years. 

So when this idea came to move to Michigan, I was uncertain.  I didn't want to run away from my problems or start over for the sake of starting over.  I did a lot of thinking.  I was uneasy about it because I still wasn't sure if it was what God wanted.  But over the past week, I remembered a conversation from more than a year ago.  I remember distinctly talking to a friend of mine who relocated to St Louis.  When I asked him how he knew it was the right thing and that it was what God had for him, he said that part of it was because every week that went by, when he walked into our church, it felt less and less like home.

I have to trust that this is what God has for me.  No, I haven't heard a distinct yes or no from him when I've asked him if this is right.  Sometimes, he's silent and the only way to find out is to try and pray that doors open!   If I get there and discover it's just not right, I can always come back. 

I will absolutely miss the friends I have made here, the church I've called home for 10 years, and the memories driving through my college town.  But this new adventure is exactly what I need at this point in my life.  I have made so many changes for myself over the past two years, and a fresh start is going to be something to put a lot of pain behind me and allow me to start new chapters in my life.

I will continue to update here with everything as new plans come about.  I hope to make this transition before the fall, my roommate will more than likely be putting our townhouse on the market at the end of the year to relocate herself. (found out about that AFTER I'd made the decision, so it wasn't a factor)  For now, the goal is to apply for jobs, save as much money as I can, and then once I have enough saved... find an apartment and make the move. 

If you have any advice or words of wisdom for me, I'd be glad to hear them!  Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. wooo hooo!!!! You will have to come visit me in Kalamazoo!!!


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