April 21, 2015

Half Marathon Top 10

It's done!  I'm done, I'm done, I'm done! 

This past weekend I spent two days in my favorite state to complete the crazy journey that was finishing a half marathon.  I can honestly say I have never experienced anything so challenging as training for this race.   I don't think anyone can comprehend what it takes to train for something like this until they do it.  Not only is it physically exhausting to put in the miles, plan the meals, and get your body into shape, but the emotional aspects of sacrificing time, putting on pounds, and having to constantly remind yourself that you can do it were incredibly hard.  But I did it and I came out of it a stronger person.

So here are my Top 10 moments from my 13.1 in no particular order.

1. Driving into Michigan.  Something about seeing that Pure Michigan sign at the border just makes me giddy.

2. Exploring the city and our swanky hotel before getting some much needed relaxation.

3. Picking up my race bib.  OMG, this is really happening.

4. Arriving at Calder Plaza where I lined up with 1000 other women to do this thing.

5. Running through the chute and being so excited to experience pushing my body to its limit.  (yes, I was excited about that)

6. The countless spectators along the way offering free high fives, motivational posters (my favorites included "You've done harder things that this before" and "Finish with a spirit that is fearless", and cups of water to keep us going.  And of course the group of grown men in tutus and wigs at mile 4/8. 

7. Seeing countless husbands along the course with their children cheering the mommas on. 

8. The course.  Getting to run through my favorite city?  One of the best things ever.  Almost the entire course was along the river.  Several sections crossed bridges.  The whole time I got the unyielding sense that I might just be destined to live there.

9. That freaking FINISH line.  Coming around the corner at 13 miles and seeing that finish line amidst all the spectators sent chills down my back.  I mustered strength to finish running and nearly cried when I finally did. 

10. Actually crying when mom found me and hugged me.  Because something about seeing your mom and because I was freaking done.

Honorable mentions:
*steel cut oats with dried cherries that greeted me at my door at 6am.
*brunch buffet after hobbling back to the hotel
*hot baths with mineral salts
*all the wonderful comments and encouragement on my facebook posts.

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