March 10, 2015

Bouncing Back: Thoughts on Overcoming Setbacks and Roadblocks

Happy almost spring all!  Hope you are all enjoying the spring weather that has FINALLY made its appearance.  I apologize for the absence the past month.  But the upside, is that the reason for my absence has created a great opportunity for a blog entry!

Today I wanted to take the time to write to all of you on ways to come back from a setback on your road to better health.  Everyone encounters these.  Things are going great.  You've been eating well, working out regularly, seeing changes in the mirror, and just overall feeling better.  Then WHAM! 

Roadblock.  The equivalent of a gigantic rhino in the middle of the road.

This could come in any form.  Injuries, never ending winter weather, stress, busy schedules, illness, family tragedy, really anything can create a setback for you.  A roadblock really is just defined as something that knocks you off your straight and narrow and into the arms of old habits and addictions.  And the scary thing is they can happen to ANYBODY.

Ok, have I scared you?  Sorry. 

But really there's nothing you can't bounce back from.  Some things can take more time than others, but ultimately as long as the desire to meet your goals is still there... you CAN bounce back.  Here is how I've recently been bouncing back from mine!

Take a Breath:  Ok so you've had a horrible day, week, month, of poor food choices.  You haven't set food in the gym in two weeks.  Your running shoes are collecting dust.  You can't remember the last time you actually went to the grocery store.  The best way to handle these overwhelming realities is simply take a step back and take a breath.  Silence the thoughts that are putting you down and telling you that you just don't have what it takes.  The voice telling you you're just destined to be lazy and unhappy?  Tell it to take a hike.  Breathe. 

Look Back:  Take some time to really focus in on the things you HAVE accomplished.  So you've fallen out of routine?  So you've gained 5-10 lbs the past month?  So what!  Think about what you HAVE done.  What are you most proud of yourself for accomplishing?  Focus on those things.  Hold them close to your heart and picture the way you felt when you accomplished them, and remember you're still the person now as you were then when you did.

Talk to a Friend:  Not just any friend, but preferably someone you really trust, who has either gone through a similar journey or possesses the empathy and wisdom (and maybe a little tough love) to help bring you back to yourself.  Tell them what's been going on.  Be honest.  Talk through the struggles you've been having.  Often times, talking about it and bringing the things you're upset about or even ashamed of into the light can really help you narrow in one why things are going poorly and give you ways to fix them. 

Evaluate:  Now that you're back in a sound headspace evaluate the situation.  What are the things that have knocked you out of sync?  What are ways that you can lessen their impact on your life?  Here are a few examples of ones that I've faced over the past month:
*Weather Blues: Take your vitamin D!  Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin D like salmon, tuna, eggs, or take a supplement.  Other foods that can help beat the winter blues are berries, leafy greens, bananas, and flax seeds!
*Injury:  Talk to your doctor about what activity you CAN do.  Often times if the injury isn't severe, you can find other ways to stay active that won't irritate your injury.
*Food Boredom:  Go to the library and check out some new cookbooks or cooking magazines.  Get on Pinterest and search for meal ideas.  Check out cooking shows on Netflix.  There are lots of ways to get new ideas for healthy meals. 
*Just So Busy:  This one is really tricky.  You'll need to really think about what is taking up so much of your time that you've become unmotivated and stressed out.  What can you eliminate from your schedule?  Are you working too much?  Do you say "yes" to too many activities?  Do your best to try and carve out time in your schedule for YOU.  For me personally, I had to say goodbye to my second job.  I looked at my budget and saw that even though money would be tight until I could find a better paying full time job, I'd be able to get by.  I realized that my health, sanity, and time to spend with people I love were more important for the place I'm in now. 

Re-Commit:  Picture your goal.  Picture where you're headed and make a new promise to yourself to move in that direction.  Even if you have to make that promise to yourself again EVERY morning, do it.  You are worth keeping that promise to.  Think about it.  You are the only you there is.  And that's saying something.  If you made a promise to your mom, your child, your best friend, your spouse that you would do something for them... you wouldn't go back on that promise if it was in your power to keep it, would you?  Obviously not.  Well guess what, this promise to yourself?  It's in YOUR power, and only yours to keep.  And you're worth doing that for. 

If you have any other tips for overcoming roadblocks, please comment below!  I'd love to hear what has helped you in the past!  Have a great week brave ones!

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  1. Great post Haley!! You are phenomenal. XOXOXO


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