December 5, 2014

Awkward Awesome Friday!

Good morning Brave Ones!  Happy Friday! Are you all as happy for the weekend as I am?!  
I give you your awkward awesome recap for the week!

*The house with the for sale sign I saw while running in Lombard last weekend while visiting mom.  Not only was the house a strange color of pink and green... but the yard was littered with countless plastic Santas.
*Trying to find time to do all the things I want to do.  I just have too many interests and not enough time to effectively pursue all of them.
*Having to break the news to my floor at work that I am leaving them.  No, you will not be getting a replacement.  No, I don't know why they're changing floor support.  No, I will not miss that job.  But thanks for the concern.
*Blind dates.  It had to be said.  Even if they turn out well, just. so. awkward.   (or maybe I'm just awkward)
*The TV shows I get addicted to.  I hate you Netflix, you ruin people's lives.

*I get to see my BESTIE tonight!! {insert happy dance}
*Getting to know this guy over the past couple weeks.
*My sissy is coming home in February!!!  {insert even more spectacular happy dance}
*I start my new position at work next week.  Good bye lonely boring days by myself!  Hello busy days surrounded by fun people! (oh and I gets a raise...)
*I got to meet this girl finally two weeks ago.  She is even more adorable in person that I'd imagined.  
*My new Ninja baby (high speed blender) that I've been just having way too much fun with.  Thanks Uncle Frank!

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