November 13, 2014

Taking Stock IV

Taking Stock:
Making : myself get in the pool despite the cold weather.
Cooking : lots of eggs on busy nights.
Drinking : h2o
Reading: nothing right now.  Any suggestions?

Wanting: to freaking get to Onederland!
Looking: forward to my trip to Traverse City with my TFTF girls next weekend!!!
Playing: too much Maroon 5
Wasting: time being bored at work.  Ready for my role change please!
Sewing: nothing at the moment.  Sigh.
Wishing: I could afford to go back to school

Enjoying: boot and scarf weather!
Waiting: to visit my sister until I reach Onederland.
Liking: the fact that I get to see family in a couple weeks!

Wondering: if winter is going suck as bad this year as it did last year.
Loving: living with Katie and our zoo. 
Hoping: to be able to get certified soon as a health coach.
Marveling: that I'm entering into the last year of my twenties in a little over a month.
Needing: a vacation.

Smelling: chlorine... all the time.
Wearing: size 12 jeans.  *happy dance*
Following: a lot of raw vegans on YouTube.  Got to get ideas on how to eat more veggies, right?!
Noticing: lots of good changes in my Insanity workouts.  Rocking my V-sits, tuck jumps, and soccer drills.
Thinking: about too many things.
Bookmarking: challenge group recipes and workouts.
Opening: up to the idea of change.
Giggling: over the fact that I still get sucked into teenage TV shows.  Bad Netflix.
Feeling: thankful.

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