October 24, 2014

...Awesome Awkward Friday...

Hope y'all have had a fantastic week!  I myself have been overcoming a cold (booo) and busy with swim testing and too much to do at work.  But hey, it's Friday!  Which means, I'm happy, happy, happy!  Pretty sure that October is my absolute favorite and I'm so sad to see it coming to an end so quickly. 

*Pushy people.  Y'all just need to chill, ok? OK? Great.
*My endless battle with baggy pants.
*The way Ramona lays on the floor, flat on her back, and stares at me while I workout.  Like... "Yeah human. Go ahead and sweat and work your butt off while I just lie here like the cutest lazy butt on the planet."
*Having to buy just two spoons and two forks at goodwill to use in my halloween costume.  The checkout ladies must see such funny purchases!
*The slight panic I experienced yesterday drinking my last Shakeology packet while praying that my new bag would arrive in the mail that afternoon. 
*Forgetting to wear deodorant to the gym.

*October. I'm in love.
*Hiking Starved Rock last weekend.  (the cold I got afterwards was well worth it)
*70 lbs gone forever!!
*Having neighbors that cooperate with your grandma sleep schedule when you're sick and turn their music down when asked. 
*The mentorship group I'm a part of with Beachbody.  Such an amazing group of women who keep me inspired and encourage me to never quit striving for my dream.
*Indian food with Amanda today!
*Banana ice cream made with chocolate shakeology instead of cocoa powder.  Holy healthy amazing dessert batman!
*Recent increase in kitty snuggles I've been getting from Mona face lately.  Pretty sure someone's finally gotten jealous of Binx!

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