September 6, 2014

Big Shoulders 2014 Top Ten

Without further adieu, I present the top ten moments from Big Shoulders 2014!

1. Getting in a short warm up jog along the lake.  Kind of jealous of people who get to jog there everyday!
2. Seeing my mom and grandparents before the race!
3. How grateful I was that my dad rented me a wetsuit when I felt how cold the water was.
4. The finish line!  Because after an hour and a half in cold, rocky water I was a little sicky.
5. Being greeted at the finish line by my momma and warm towels!
6. Finishing right at my goal of 1:30 at 1:32.09!!  Woo!  Dropped 11 minutes off last year's time.
7. Getting out of my wetsuit!  Though I was grateful for it, by the end it was hard to breathe.  Oxygen is good!
8. Lunch with my dad, aunt Keely and grandparents at Bulldogs!!  My "slap yo mama" burger was as fantastic as I remember.
9. A last minute surprise visit with Colleen before heading home.
10. Going to Runner's Soul with Colleen.  The sales ladies saw my shirt, knew what the event was and then asked me if I did it.  Then, one of them says "are you kidding? look at your shoulders! You did, didn't you." Heck. Yes.

Now I present: picture overload!

 I heart you, Chicago!

Me and my daddio!
 Oh yeah, that's me: 205th place, 14th in my division!  1:32.09.
 Love. These. People.
 Just a little comparison.  2012, 2013, today.  Can't wait to see what next year's picture looks like!

 And of course, one of my top 10 favorite people and her pooch. 

If you want to see my Big Shoulders top ten from previous years, click here and here.


  1. Wow!! Great day!! Your dedication and hard work is paying off in many, many ways!!

    1. Thanks Aunt Keely! So stoked to see where the next year takes me!

  2. You did a great job! I've wanted to do Big Shoulders, but something always seems to come up (it was a wedding in OH this year!).

    Glad I found your blog! You posted a comment on someone's blog about some delicious looking fries and swimming and I was all "two things I love: swimming and food. Must follow her blog!"

    1. Well thank you!! I love meeting new people through the blogging world. You should really try to do it next year! It's going to be a Masters Championship 5K though, so sign up early!! It's going to fill up FAST! I'm fortunate to know the registrar ( I call him Dad) so I'm pretty much guaranteed a spot every year. Next year will be EPIC!


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