September 12, 2014

...Awkward Awesome Friday...

(My HS bestie's dog, Roxanne.  She's not awkward persay, but she sure is cute.)

Happy Friday homies!  Hope you all had a fantastic week and didn't get swept away by all the rain we had!  Fall is definitely here and I have very mixed feelings.  I love, love, LOVE fall.  But after last winter, I'm not sure I'm ready.  Oh well, bring it!  Hope you all have a fantastic weekend planned!

-My ability to spill on almost every shirt I own.  Can't take me anywhere.
-My ability to snag and/or rip my fancier clothes.  This is why we can't have nice things!
-Explaining to my students on Tuesday that we had to get out of the pool because someone got sick in said pool, only to be met with the question: "Who was it?"
-Grownups who don't put things back where they belong but instead leave said things right in FRONT of where they belong.  Kickboards left on the floor below the kickboard shelf.  Office supplies left on the shelf in front of the drawers on that same shelf.

-My time for Big Shoulders on Saturday and the gigantic burger I had after getting that time.  #worthit
-Running my first 10K tomorrow with my gorgeous friend, Michelle and her man, Bob.  Oh and the pumpkin donut I get when I finish!
-Mid week email convos with my sister.
-Waking up on Wednesday to the sound of steady rain outside my open window.  (Though I wanted to go back to sleep)
-My roomie comes home tomorrow!!  Poor Mr. Binx misses his human.
-Masters partay at MJ's tonight. 
-Surprise visits from the Allen clan!


  1. I, too, can't seem to keep a single shirt spill free. Someone really needs to start making adult bibs a fashionable thing! lol Best of luck with your first 10K!! Go you!!


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