August 11, 2014

Did you know?

when I was younger I wanted to be an architect, then a chef, then a teacher.

my favorite subjects in school were history and science.

I originally joined my high school water polo team to get out of being recruited to throw for our high school track team.  (Yeah, you can say I had a hate-hate relationship with running back then.)

I moved to Bloomington-Normal for the first time exactly ten years ago this week.

I originally wanted to play the flute. (so glad Mrs. Kazda put that cello in my hands)

I'm dying to get my first tattoo. Sorry, Momma.

I would eat Mexican food everyday if my jeans would let me.

combo words kind of drive me nuts. Chillax? Ginormous? Fantabulous? Yeah, no. (sorry if you use these, but it had to be said)

I've watched the Lord of the Rings (extended edition and the extra making-of footage) so many times that I can pretty much quote them word for word.

despite my extremely large, flipper-like feet, I am not a strong kicker when swimming.

I lost the ability to whistle after years of wearing a retainer.

I can recount my dreams about 98% of the time.  They are usually extremely vivid and beyond strange.

I'm extremely indecisive when it comes to things I like.  Sushi, Chinese, or Thai?  Rustic, clean, or bright decor? Beach or mountains?  Trendy, classic, or boho style?  Fall or spring?  Indie or dance music?  Swimming, running, or kick boxing?  All the things!  Give me all the things!!

Happy Monday.

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  1. oops. i'm a guilty user of fantabulous. i actually thought i invented it until i saw it used by other people. huh? what?

    i love this blog post and getting to know you better through it. 10 years? wow!!


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