August 29, 2014

...Awkward Awesome Friday!...

*The lady I saw on the trail Monday morning running in jeans.  Did I mention there was about 8000% humidity that morning?
*People who try to use cell phones while riding a bike.
*How incredibly cooked lobster-like I get when working out...or hot...or angry.  Uhhhh.
*Wednesday night feeling like Insanity was NOT that big of a deal! I feel fine!  Then I woke up Thursday morning and had to hobble around like an old lady the rest of the day.
*Forgetting how awful the last week of Whole30 is only to be met with cravings for oreos, peanut butter toast, and anything with cheese on it.  Must. Fight. Cravings.  Bah!!
*The number of bloggers I follow that are either pregnant, just had a baby, or are getting married.  Pretty much ALL of them.

*Down 61 lbs since January 2013!
*Whole30 part deux is over tomorrow! Now give me some peanut butter please!
*Big Shoulders 2014 is a week from tomorrow!! What what! Also get to have some much needed family time and a Bulldogs burger!
*The Jason Gray concert last Saturday and spending an evening catching up with Eric.  Joan being there unexpectedly was just icing on the cake!
*Insanity: yes I've been in pain since yesterday morning... but oh man. Yes! Yes! Gimme Gimme!
*"Meeting" Jaime Glonek through Instagram!  We got to chatting over facebook yesterday and I've joined her BeachBody team! I am so stoked to have her support through the rest of this journey.  Having a health coach to get me through the last 50 or more pounds is going to be so helpful!

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