July 9, 2014

So I have this shirt...

Clothes seem to have too much importance in our society.  People tend to believe clothes can define them, protect them, or empower them.  We even allow ourselves to be defined by the number/letters on the tags. 

Though I don't like the idea of being defined by my clothes, though I'm learning that I infact am NOT defined by them, and though we know that they're just pieces of fabric, sewn together... clothes have the power to tell stories.

I have this shirt.  A size large, white, sleeveless, cotton, beaded shirt.  I think it once belonged to my mum.  I think she put it on a garage sale table once during my teenage years.  I remember seeing it on the garage sale table and thinking "someday, I'll wear that." 

It sat in my closet until the end of those teenage years.  And as I continued to gain weight, I never parted with it, hoping one day it might just fit.  Sadly, it then migrated to my fabric box, because at least if I can't wear it, I can make a pretty pillow out of it or something.

Then I cleaned out that fabric box before my 127th move.  But for whatever reason, I couldn't part with this stupid shirt.  So it moved back to the closet, where it hid amongst my other, larger, white shirts.

Then today it spoke up.  "Wear me."

And I did!

I am not defined by the letters/numbers on my tags.  I'm not defined by my weightloss either.
But I am  a warrior against poor health.  I'm learning and growing as a person.  I'm finding the strength to depend on Jesus, family, and friends instead of food.  I'm learning to celebrate my victories instead of dwelling on how far I have to go or be ashamed of where I was.  And I'm learning to believe that I am worth the work and worthy of the encouragement from all you wonderful people in my life that I could not do with out.

So here's to one small victory against a silly white shirt.

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