July 18, 2014

Awkward Awesome Friday!

(Yukon: our court jester at the Menagerie.  My roommate, Katie's dog came to the record store with us last weekend.  It was quite hot outside.  He decided to call it quits right here in the door way.)
-Ramona's liking of lettuce.  Won't touch scrambled eggs or popcorn.  But build a nice big salad and leave it on the table for even 10 seconds and she'll be stealing leaves off your plate.  Weirdo.
-Binx (Katie's cat) and Ramona's relationship.  They insist they don't like each other, but if Binx starts "love calling" her from the basement she's down in a split second.  He eats her food and she doesn't seem to care.  She plays with his tail if he's sitting close.  They swat and chase each other.  I think they're in love... just don't tell them.
-Pushy people.
-The Panera on north Veterans.  First they forget my chicken, then they forget the dried apples, and last night they forgot my sacred apple vinagrette.  What's next... you going to forget the lettuce.  Get it together Panera!!!
-The tantrum that ensued from realizing they had forgotten my sacred apple vinagrette.  (I'm an adult, I'm an adult, I'm an adult.)
-Assistant at the eye doctor thinking I was 19.  "When I called your name to come back, I definitely wasn't expecting you to stand up."  *Winning*
-The size 14w jeans I'm wearing right now.
-Fitting into a size large button down shirt.  No more XL's!!
-Living at the Menagerie.  Two single (and fantastic) women, two crazy cats, and a very large goofy dog... yes please.
-Ramona finally starting to adjust to living with Katie and her furries.  Thank goodness.
-Having a bestie who can fix sick lappys.
-My WW friends and the encouragement that comes from people who understand what you're going through and how HARD weight loss and food addiction are.  Love you ladies!!

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