July 25, 2014

Antics from the North Pool

(This is actually a picture of the south pool.  Swim lessons take place in the north pool)

I decided to start this series as an outlet for the crazy and hilarious things my students say and do during our short 20-30 minute lessons each week.  Some days I miss working with littles all day just for the sheer fact that you come home with hilarious stories.  Yesterday's lessons provided some particularly funny ones.

*The awesomeness that is my Turtles (level 5) group.  These kids know how to streamline, rotary breathe, and they are the fastest group I've ever had to learn breaststroke and butterfly.  A bunch of rockstars.

*This same group has also earned nicknames: Grace "the rocket", because her streamline is probably better than mine.  Jillian "flying squirrel" because her streamline needs work.  Jake "the great" because it rhymes and because he's holding his own in a group of girls.  Gabby "zig zag" because the girl can NOT swim in a straight line.  Did I mention they're my favorites?

*Kruti from Angelfish (level 3).  She should be in a level 4 Clownfish group, but I've managed to work with her seperately from the rest of the group.  She's caught on so quickly to rotary breathing and streamlining.  She swam a full 25 yds yesterday and was so proud of herself.

*Kanva from Angelfish and the things he says!  Yesterday, he told me he likes my legs, that a small freckle on his arm was "a blood" that he got from an onion, who reminds me every lesson that he has superpowers, and who insists on wearing his goggles on top of his head instead of on his face.  Did I mention he's one of the cutest kids I've ever seen?

*Yesterday, I also asked Jack from Angelfish if he had any funny stories to tell me.  He then proceeded to tell me that one time his dad dressed up like a girl... at nanna and papa's house. Uhhhh, what?

*Logan from Starfish (level 1) is the son of one of my co-workers.  He jumped off the diving board yesterday for the first time!  He also swam from the shallow end to the deep end with a life vest and discovered how to spin in circles.  He spun all the way down the pool.

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