June 13, 2014

Awkward Awesome Friday

Hola, mis amigos! I'm back!  I've been away from my little space for a long time! But, the hiatus was good for me I think.  I had plenty of time to get my thoughts and shiz together before coming back.  My move went great thanks to my wonderful friends who helped and thanks to my fantastic new roommate who has been so supportive and encouraging while Ramona adjusts.  She's not handling the change too well.  She's terrified of Binx and Yukon (Katie's cat and dog: who are awesome by the way).  She's also not too fond of Katie or Olivia (our friend and temporary roommate).  So please keep me in your prayers as I attempt to retain my sanity while my insane ball of fur comes to terms with our awesome new digs.

So without further adieu, I present the awkward and awesome that has been the past few weeks:

*Binx's love calls.  The sound this cat makes when he has a gift for you (usually his favorite toy that looks like a tail on a stick).  It sounds like a crying baby and it's hilarious.
*Conversations (well, I suppose it was one sided) about tampons with strangers in the locker room.  Uhhh yeah, don't really want to know how you feel about tampons, but thanks.
*Me trying to keep up with the elite swimmers on my Masters team.  You guys are amazeballs and make me feel like a goldfish.  But I kind of love how you challenge me!
*The saggy butt my swim suits have developed as a result of weight loss and repetitive wear.  Sexy.
*The man I see on the trail every day trying to run with his toy poodle.  Something tells me those dogs weren't created to be running buddies.  But nice effort man in the yellow shirt.

*I get to see Ineke in t-minus 7 days!!  Can't wait to see your face!!
*I get to see the my cousin Missy and her family in t-minus 8 days.  It's been way too freaking long.  Prepare yourselves Triskas: I will be tackling you all with hugs and tears when I see you.  Wear pads.
*My roommate and her patience and support.
*My biceps these days.  Just sayin'.
*The cheekbones and collarbones that are finally making their appearance.  I really like this weight loss thing by the way. (Down almost 50 lbs since last January)
*My Weight Watchers family.
*That tank top ^^^
*One of my swim students on Monday telling me I was pretty.  Made. My. Week.
*Having laundry in the house, a gas stove, a basement, and a garage!  I love townhouse living!

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