May 2, 2014

Taking stock III

Taking Stock:
Making : progress in my weight loss.
Cooking : nothing tonight!
Drinking : h2o
Reading: Parade's End by Ford Madox Ford

Wanting: to visit the UK.
Looking: for someone to do the Color Vibe run in Peoria with me July 19th!
Playing: lots of Bon Iver.
Wasting: too much time on my new phone.
Sewing: pillows for my mum.
Wishing: I could go back to school just to take some history classes.

Enjoying: running weather!
Waiting: for my phone case to arrive in the mail.
the way I've been feeling lately.
Wondering: what the next few months will bring.
Loving: regular nerdy board game nights at Em-o's
Hoping: I can continue losing weight and have the will power and discipline to do so.
Marveling: at the accomplishment of one of my weight watchers pals.  She met her goal last Saturday and lost a total of 200.2 pounds.  She's definitely my hero.
to visit my sissy in Seattle.
Smelling: beachy scented candles.
Wearing: size 16 jeans for the first time since high school.  What?!  Woo!
Noticing: how many people are having babies these days.  Practically every blogger I follow... sheesh.
Thinking: about getting a tattoo when I get to my goal weight.
Bookmarking: tattoo ideas.
Opening: Blogger for the first time in a week!  Whoops.
Giggling: like a fan-girl over Benedict Cumberbatch these days.  I am an adult, right?
Feeling: thankful for my friends, family, and God's faithfulness.

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