April 7, 2014

Style Wheel: Rustic

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you were all able to get outside this weekend and enjoy some spring loveliness.  I had a lovely weekend myself.  I got to spend some time with my momma yesterday, which was much needed.  Also got to hang out with my swim pals on Saturday.  It was definitely fun to see what all my teammates look like with makeup and real clothes on.  What a great group of people they are.

Today's Style Wheel: Earthy and Rustic
I classify this type of style as one with a lot of wood, stone, and natural fabrics like cotton or wool.  A rustic looking home can have a lot of color, but more in earthy tones than bright, bold colors.  My first apartment was very much set in earthy tones like olive green, ivory, and dark brown.  It can also incorporate a lot of white and clean color too.  I think rustic decor is also defined as having a lot of re-purposing like reclaimed barn wood, recycled fabrics, and thrifted items!
 I love the wood floors and the area rug here.

 Cable knit is my fave.  I have an awesome cable knit throw myself.

 Love the penny tile and pallet wall.

 A rustic kitchen that is beautiful and functional.

Love the reuse of crates for storage.
Concrete counter tops stained to look like wood.  Earthy, beautiful, durable!

Love these floors!

What other earthy and rustic touches float your boat?

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