March 22, 2014

That Time I Painted a Coffee Table

First an announcement!
...Creative Roots... finally has a domain!!

I have THE BEST bestie in the entire world.
A couple years ago, she bought the domain for me as a Christmas present.  Over the course of the past couple weeks, she was working on a Wordpress site to go with that domain.  As we discussed it, I didn't want to part with the familiarity I have with Blogger.  She then just hooked in my current blog to my domain and voila!  A legit website!!  If any of you think you have the best bestie in the world... you're wrong.  I do.

Now on to the table...
It's done.  It's done, it's done, it's done!!  Five days, two cans of paint, and countless coats and it's finally done.
 Here's the 'before'.  The wood was actually a very pretty color and the top of the table didn't have a single nick or scratch.  Originally I thought I might leave the top it's dark color.

 I removed the white knobs, hinges and the little decorative metal pieces behind the knobs.
I painted the hinges with silver acrylic paint and then went over them with modge podge.  

This is definitely not the most efficient way of painting hinges, but I'm cheap and didn't want to buy a whole can of silver spray paint for four hinges.

 I started by painting the borders.

 I then went in and painted the rest.  The paint I chose was Olympic.  It was really 'gloppy' and hard to paint on evenly.  My second can of paint, was Valspar, which was two dollars more.  That paint was much easier to apply and went on nice and even.  
Lesson #1: spring for the more expensive paint. It's worth it.

I decided that the top had to be painted.  Leaving the top brown was a little too 70's.

 Lesson #2: Buy gripper or white primer.  This picture below is after two coats!  Primer paint doesn't do the trick that real primer can when it comes to covering dark wood.

Coat number.....5?  I think?

 I think I painted a total of 7 or 8 coats.
I became impatient towards the end so the end result is a bit tacky to the touch.
Lesson #3: Make sure to take your time.  Make sure each coat is fully dry to avoid the final result being tacky or sticky.

For a whole week, my living room was a disaster and my evenings were spent painting.

But the end result was TOTALLY worth it.  
I found these baskets to house my movies at Tuesday Morning.

 Here's a closeup of the hinges and the knobs I chose.

The knobs are an aqua glazed ceramic.  I bought them from Cabinet Couture on Etsy.

What do you think?

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