March 9, 2014

I (well, actually my Dad) Built a Headboard

Yesterday I got to spend the day with my awesome dad!  We took a trip to the Home Depot, where Dad proceeded to try and convince me to just buy a headboard.  Psh, heck no. 

A. DIY is always more fun.
B. DIY is waaaay cheaper.
C. DIY provides experience and lasting memories.

So we brought the lumber back to my tiny living room and proceeded to build the world's coolest headboard.  Dad actually did most of the work.  I helped sand, but he did the drilling and building.  I'm so stoked with how it turned out.  It's an awesome, unique piece of homemade furniture that I'll have forever!  It'll be something I can forever look at and think of my dad! 

 I found the original tutorial here.

The cuts for this headboard for a full sized bed are:
2 1x6x50
3 1x6x56
3 1x4x56
1 1x6x26
1 1/2 inch wood screws (be careful screwing these in.  leave them slightly raised so they don't come all the way through the front of the headboard)

 I chose a satin walnut stain that had a sealer in it and used an all purpose bristle brush. 
I saved some of the scrap from the cuts made at the hardware store.  Dad had the good idea to place these under the board as I stained to the plastic wouldn't stick to the wet stain.
 I only put one coat on the back because a. I'm impatient and b. because nobody sees the back anyway.  I can always add more coats someday if needed.  I was sure to use long brush strokes to make sure the stain was even
After three coats of stain.
 I'm a little in love with it!  Next piece of business is to finally repaint that dang night stand.
 What do you think??

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