March 7, 2014

Awkward Awesome Friday!

"What you lookin' at, lady?"

-A lady at work on Monday coming up to me as I'm going out to deliver mail.  Her words: "I don't know if I'm just high, but the last elevator smells like something's burning."  Uhhhhh.... thanks for letting me know?
-A grown man at work having a quote by Celine Dion as part of his email "signature". 
-Some of the things my sister tells me.  Things that I can never un-know.  (Love you anyway)
-My dream on Wednesday about walking outside and all of a sudden all the grass was lush and the perfect shade of Hobbiton green.  Can anyone tell how ready I am for spring?

-On Tuesday my colleague, Kenney, was teaching lessons and asked his students to tread water for two minutes.  They objected and asked to tread for only one minute.  So he responds with "Ok, how about one minute and 60 seconds?"  Ha!  Tricksy hobbit.
-Lunch with Ryan and John on Monday.  I love having lunch with boys.  I always learn things.  Like how all men are actually five years old on the inside.
-Walking down the same hall I walk through every morning and afternoon at work and discovering a name plate labeled "Donna Reeves".  This is also my grandma's name and it made me smile.  Love you Grandma!!
-The Weber's littles are here!!  I found out a little late, but I'm so stoked to get my arms around their adorable baby girls!
-Friends who are thoughtful and generous.
-New friends who listen and encourage.

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