January 16, 2014

...Gratitude Lately...


This week I'm grateful for...

-friends who speak wisdom and truth into life (even when I don't appreciate it at first).
-friends who stick by me no matter what.
-truth (and it's power over lies).
-healthy food that satisfies.
-advice and empathy.
-moments of sunshine (no matter how short).
-God's faithfulness.

What are you grateful for this week?

Whole30 Day 14: banana, spicy egg fritata leftover, banana muffin, apple, carrots w/guac, roasted chicken, veggies, mixed nuts, dried pineapple, eggs
Whole30 Day 15: eggs, banana, banana muffin, apple w/ almond butter, roasted chicken w/ veggies, 2 cuties, carrots w/ guac, almond crusted chicken, broccoli, Apple Pie Larabar
Whole30 Day 16: eggs, 2 bananas, apple w/ almond butter, almond crusted chicken, broccoli, 2 cuties, bbq mixed nuts, Banana Bread Larabar, bacon wrapped asparagus, dried pineapple

Overview: I am more than halfway done and the wacky food dreams have arrived!  On Monday, this dream included a family picnic where only my grandpa and I showed up.  And, there was nothing I could eat... only cupcakes, hot dogs, and strawberry shortcake.  But I slayed that cake monster and didn't give in!  Go me!
Overall things are still going really well aside from some hormonal imbalances that my body is still trying to level out.  I'm learning discipline with food and learning to respect what I put into my body.  Seeing others indulge in non-whole30 food is both hard and easy at the same time.  It's hard because my brain still gravitates towards some of those things.  It's easy because I know the work I've put in the past two and a half weeks and I don't think I'll want to undo all that.  
The goal for the next week is to create a plan for what I will do once these 30 days are up.  How will I reintroduce foods?  What foods will I still count as off-limits?  What will my first non-whole30 meal/snack be? (I'm kind of leaning on my cherry-chocolate chip larabar that I accidentally bought last week.  I know it has to be something that won't make me sick or undo all the work I've done.  
Any ideas?

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