January 24, 2014

Awkward Awesome Friday

Happy Friday Homies!

- The conversation with my landlord on Wednesday.  My co-worker/neighbor had called him about our rent checks not being cashed yet.  He called her back on her work phone (even though she told him to call her cell) and the call bounced to me when she didn't pick up.  He then says "Oh, while I have you... I haven't received your rent check yet."  Ummmm lucky I happened to pick up your call dummy! When were you planning on telling me this?!  Yikes.
- My 19 year old co-worker thinking I was under 23. Then after learning that I am in fact 28, telling me that if I'm not married by the time I'm 40, I could be a cougar and would be totally able to pick up 30 year olds. Thanks Austin... I think.
- Ramona's method of waking me up when her food bowl is empty.  That cute little blue flower in the yellow vase on my dresser?  Yeah let's just jump into the dresser as loudly as possible and knock it over.  Heaven forbid your bowl is empty, fatty mcfatty.

- The story above about what Austin said to me?  Yeah, it was kind of awesome too.
- My sister sending me a photo of her computer screen.  "I'm learning Spanish today.  I just learned how to say 'My spoon is too big.'"  If you know what she is referring to... you too, are awesome.
- My new Smartwools... bought them with my gift card on January 2nd.  They FINALLY arrived yesterday and they are amazing.  (stinking snail mail)
- Dinner with the Bischoffs and even more the conversations.  Blessed to know this amazing couple.

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