January 10, 2014

Awkward Awesome Friday

Happy Friday dear ones!  Hope you all made it through the polar vortex ok!

-The term Polar Vortex.  It makes really cold weather sound a lot more dramatic.
-Walking around the new floor that I'll be moving to at work and having Farhan (the current support guy) introduce me to people as his replacement.  Then having those people respond with "What?"  Apparently he put off telling people he was leaving a little too long.
-Getting a report that on Monday it was warmer in Alaska than it was in Bloomington.  What the what?
-The lady at work trying to send a fax to an incorrect phone number.  Told her directly that she had the wrong number because someone kept picking up when she dialed and tried to send the fax.  Even though I told her this, she continued to try to send the fax through to that number at least 6 or 7 more times.

-Having two three day weekends in a row.
-Farhan telling me he thought I was 23... or 21.  Nope I'm 28.  Boom.
-Having people on my floor at work tell me how much they are going to miss me when I move to a new building next month.  It's always nice to feel appreciated.
-The kind gesture from Mr. Bresette on Wednesday!
-Emo's Christmas gift: the gifts of FRIENDShip.

Whole30 Day 9: fruit smoothie, Cherry Pie Larabar, sweetpotato casserole, apple w/ almond butter, roasted chicken and veggies (from SF cafeteria), mixed nuts, dried pineapple, pork chops w/pears
Whole30 Day 10: eggs w/ spinach, apple w/ almond butter, porkchops w/pears leftover, sweet potato casserole, mixed nuts, Cherry Pie Larabar, pork chops w/pears leftover

Overview: Day 10 is here!  According to the Whole30 website this is the day that people are most likely to throw in the towel.  I have to say, I understand why because at this point, cravings are still present and my body is just now starting to adjust and enjoy healthier foods.  But I'm also feeling stronger and sleeping better... finally!!!  I know things only go up from here and I'm so excited to have more energy, see changes in my workouts, and continue to see improvement in my skin and hair. 

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