January 3, 2014

Awkward Awesome Friday

New Year Edition!!

-one of my favorite pairs of socks suddenly crapping out on me.  Ended up having to use masking tape to keep the left one up at work on Tuesday.
-my kale chip fail on Monday.  House smelled like burning foliage for a few hours.
-a dream about a friend of mine chasing me down a hill with a plate of cookies... and after telling him about it, learning that he hasn't baked cookies in over three years. 
-the reaction I got from my waiter on New Year's Eve when I ordered an amaretto stone sour.  I don't like booze and this drink tastes like a popsicle.  Don't judge me.

-the amazing, love filled, gift I got from my friends for my birthday.
-getting to see not only my dad, but my grandpa and my Aunt Keely on my birthday.
-Dad giving me a brand spanking new acoustic guitar for my birthday/Christmas gift.  (now one of the times that having a birthday around Christmas has been totally worth it!)
-finally getting my hands on Big Bang Theory season 6!

Whole30 Day 1: cowboy breakfast skillet, banana, bacon burger, green beans, avo, red pear, cashews, dried pineapple, zucchini lasagna, banana ice cream

Whole30 Day 2: cowboy breakfast skillet, banana, 3 cuties, apple w/almond butter, bacon burger, green beans, avo, dried fruit, cashews, cherry pie Larabar, spaghetti squash carbonara, broccoli, banana ice cream

Overview: I am pretty sleepy, but no headaches from the sugar detox yet!  I'm much more aware of when I'm hungry (which for now is all the time!!) and sleeping is harder without being able to take my melatonin gummies (since they contain sugar).  I'm looking forward to sharing some Whole30 recipes here.  I'm learning how to make enough of certain meals so that I don't have to cook every single morning/night. 

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