December 3, 2013

Tuesday Tube

Happy Tuesday people!  Hope you all had a great weekend. I had a really good conversation last night with my dear Rebecca.  I often refer to her as "the friend that gets me" or the friend that "listens and understands".  She's one of those people that you don't really have to explain things to.  In moments where I can't even put how I'm feeling into words, she still understands.  Last night we talked for over an hour.  And from our conversation I became re-motivated to learn to care about myself. 
As Christians I think we can often get lost in our efforts to abandon ourselves to Christ.  We try so hard to be more like Jesus and we often take that abandonment too literally and devalue ourselves.  While it is good and right to desire more of Jesus, to become more like him, and be less like our former selves, we also need to take in our value.  Just because Jesus calls us to be more like him, it doesn't mean that we do not have value or that our individuality isn't valuable.  If we didn't have value, he wouldn't have died for us.  It's tricky because I'm not implying that he saved us because he would be lost without us or wouldn't have purpose without us, because that's simply not true.  His purpose doesn't rest in his people.  But, he died for us.  Why?  Because he loves us, because he's good, because he values us, and because he made us.
I don't normally like to get too deep here in this space.  But I think there is healing in this act of knowing how much God loves us.  There is healing in knowing that nothing is beyond his sight and that he has every moment of our lives in his hands, even when we might not feel that way.  There is healing in knowing that God uses everything for the good of those who love him.  There is healing in understanding grace rightly and seeing who we really as his beloved children.

I found this video a few months ago after a friend had shared it on Facebook.  It's a very simple and uplifting message for God's daughters.  Enjoy!

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