December 7, 2013

Gift Tags and Envelopes!

Happy Weekend Brave Ones!
You'll have to be brave if you're going outside today!  Hope you are all staying warm this frigid Saturday!  My hair actually grew icicles on my way out of practice this morning.  *shudders*

I decided to do a post on reusing pages from old magazines.  I'm a huge magazine lover and look for ways to reuse pretty pages I find.  I used to do a lot of collages for my folders and notebooks in school.

The first project I came up with was using pages from magazines to make gift tags for my Christmas presents. 
-magazine page
-thin white labels
-hole reinforcement labels
-hole punch
 Start by sticking the labels onto your page.
 Cut each label out individually.
Then trim two corners of one side of the label, punch a whole in the top, and attach a whole reinforcement sticker to prevent the whole from tearing.  
Here's the finished product!
The next project is something I found here on Today's Letters!  Em Loerke used old magazine pages to make envelopes!  How unique!
-magazine page
-plain envelope for reference
-white labels
-scotch tape
 Start by flipping your page over and using the plain envelope to gauge where to fold your paper.
 Fold up the bottom part of the magazine.
 Fold the top down about an inch to create a clean edge.  Then fold down the top part of the envelope to close it.
Trim each side so that it's the same size as your white reference envelope.  Then tape closed both sides of your envelope.
 Finally turn it over and stick on your white labels and you're ready to send someone a letter!
Have fun! 

Have any other ideas on how to re-use magazines?

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