November 30, 2013

Christmas time is here!

Happy Saturday Homies!  After a great couple days with my family I got to come home and decorate my Christmas tree!  My family was quite impressed that I got it up so quick.  Basically I got home from Chicagoland at 11:20.  I at lunch at 11:30 and I jumped in the car at noon to head to the Home Depot.  I always like to put my tree up the Saturday after Thanksgiving because I like to have it up as long as possible.  However, my birthday is four days after Christmas.  So, my tree usually comes down the 27th or 28th.
 I intended on getting a smaller/cheaper tree this year.  But I couldn't help it.  My parents raised me right and I buckled when I smelled the frasier firs.
 Somebody found the Christmas lights as I was testing them.
 Watched A Christmas Story and made some popcorn and cranberry garland.  Also painted the piece the {very excited: I was his first tree} Home Depot guy cut from the tree trunk.  I made it into an ornament.
 Tree before ornaments. 
 A funny ornament I made last year.
 Made this one last week.  Cut up a cd that didn't burn correctly and hot glued the pieces to a plain white ornament.
 Got to put a few vintage pieces on the tree! 
My grandma Reeves used to buy an ornament for me, my sister, and our cousin every year.  She always wrote our name and the year on them.  I inherited my share a few years ago.
 My sweet little star I found at Target.

 Got a pickle ornament yesterday at Carson's while shopping with Momma!  
"The night before Christmas it's hung on the tree. While everyone is sleeping, it's done secretly. And on Christmas morning when you arise, the first one to find it gets a surprise. A family tradition for all to share, you'll look for the pickle year after year!"
 Also found this little guy at Target.
Loving my tree skirt under the finished product!

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