November 22, 2013

Awesome Awkward Friday!


You know what day it is!  Happier than a camel on a Wednesday!  Here's the update:

-my new swim suit.  I was so excited to be able to afford a new one because my old one was so worn.  Got it in the mail.  Tried it on and was stoked to wear it to practice on Tuesday.  Wore to to practice on Tuesday and experienced what I like to call the "bubble butt phenomenon" caused by too much fabric in the deriere, as well as some major side-boob action.  Annnnnddd... since I already wore it, I can't return it.  Sheesh.
-my neighbor's daughter who always tries to talk to me at the most inopportune times like when I'm beat red after a run or quickly trying to hang Christmas lights when it's cold out.
-the way I react when bad storms roll in.  The bad one on Sunday?  I was at church, lights went out and I had to hold Liz's hand.  Pastor's moved everyone against a far wall and I cried.  Pretty sure the kids in kid's church that day were braver than me. :)

-Get to see my family in one week!  I'm going to hug attack you all.  Wear pads.
-Catching Fire tonight with ma friends!  Though The Hunger Games disappointed me with it's lack of character development and rushing through the namesake that is the GAMES themself, the reviews for this second installment of one of my favorite book series has me hopeful.
-I cut my own hair this week.  Yep.  Got sick of the split ends and stringy mess.  Ponytail+sewing scissors=homedone angled hair cut.  My pal Morgan at work even thought I had it done at a salon!  Or was she just being nice?  Oh well, I'll take it.
-The wreath I made on Monday.  Pretty dern proud of it.
-This guy and the way his music makes me feel.
-This website.  If you would like to help the people affected by the tornadoes that went through central Illinois on Sunday, check it out.

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