October 23, 2013

On to Great Things

As my dear Samwise once said,
"Well, I'm Back."

It's been quiet over here on the homestead as of late.  But I can say it was a much needed break from the virtual monotany that can come with social media and blogging. 
I've been taking this time to sort of reflect on things in my life lately. 
I've been getting help that I need, spending time with people that mean a lot to me, mending friendships, and attempting to discern what possibly could lay ahead for me. 
All of it has been quite scary and humbling to be honest.
The past five or so years after college have been a real struggle.  In and out of bad jobs.  Several life changing disappointments. Continually struggling financially.  Missing family and friends that live far away or have moved far away.  Watching dear, wonderful friends get married, settle down, and start their families. 
The weight of all of it continuing to pile on.
So what is a girl to do?
Well, this girl is to realize a few things:
That her God has a perfect plan for her. Even if it doesn't look the way she thought it would.
That comparing oneself to others, does nothing but cause heartache and discontentment.
That there is plenty to be grateful for as long as one takes time to look.
That the future holds so many wonderful possibilities.
That rushing into ANYTHING without taking time to get counsel and to listen for God's voice will ulitimately cause more heartache and frustration.
And finally, that the past has happened.  It has tought her things.  It has been part of what makes her who she is. But that doesn't mean she has to live there.
I can't begin to describe what God is doing these days.  Because honestly, I have no idea.  Several different paths have popped up.  Ideas of what the future could hold over the next year or two. 
The goals for now?
 Wait.  Listen.  Discern.  Continue to heal.  Be brave. 

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