October 2, 2013

On Gratitude, Marriage, and Finding Joy

I have mentioned a couple times before that when a blog catches my eye, I feel the compulsive urge to read said blog from start to finish.  Today’s Letters is no exception.  In fact, I have to say that this little corner of the interweb has had a profound impact on me the last several days I’ve been reading through it.  The blog narrows in on love, marriage, gratitude, simplicity, faith, and a good dose of humor.

Meet the Loerkes.

Emily Loerke started this blog in 2010 to document sweet letters she writes to her husband, Tim (and various other people/events/objects) throughout the week.  The letters actually began on Facebook, but she started a blog to post these letters and I have to say… it was a very good idea.

Emily and Tim’s relationship is probably one that could go into history books.  The sweet way they met, the way they encourage each other, and how they ask for forgiveness daily makes their story unique in this day in age.  I have several friends that have REALLY GOOD marriages.  And I hope any of them who are reading this will take a moment to get to know the Loerkes.  Though no marriage is perfect, they seem to have great insight on what it takes to make a strong marriage.  From what I have gathered it includes plenty of humor, daily encouragement, being intentional, strong faith, a foundation in Christ, and appreciation of little things.  It appears that other readers have noticed this as well and Emily and Tim have taken time to share what they know with their readers.  They also have great recommendation for books for married and engaged couples.  Though I am not in that season of life (yet-hopefully), it gives me joy to know there are people out there who believe in marriage, and fight for it.            
It is also no secret that I appreciate people who find gratitude in little things on a daily basis.  In the midst of a culture filled with materialism, greed, and over consumption, there is a quiet beauty in appreciation of little things that delight us.  Em does this wonderfully.  Reading her short and sweet posts about things she is grateful for, shows me how to take a step back to see things in my own life that God has put here simply to bless me.  Especially during the life wobbles that come our way, it’s important to take stock of what you have, not what you want. 

"Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can."
-Arthur Ashe

There are plenty of things that I want both physically and emotionally.  But how about the here and now though?  What is there that I’ve truly taken time to thank my Savior for lately in the here and now?  I have started looking for ways to do this.  Stepping back each day to appreciate what I have and where I'm headed.  It's freeing.

So I am offering a thank you to this lovely couple from Louisville, KY (and originally Dallas, TX) for the way they encourage and inspire their readers and those around them.  

Emily, you inspire me to live simply, be brave, be adventurous, and strive to be a good wife someday.  Tim, I only wish my future husband could take lessons from you. 
You are beautiful and your marriage is something that brings joy to God’s heart.  I’m sure of it.

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