October 4, 2013

It's Awkward Awesome Friday!

Happy Friday y'all.  Hope you had a great week! 

*How nervous I still get when bad storms roll in.  Good job miss adult.
*My neighbor's awful music.  I swear that the beat to one of the songs yesterday went along with "My Girl". 
*Subbing on a different floor and having people continually tell me that I'm "not Paige".  No, I'm Haley and I clearly look nothing like Paige.  Thanks for noticing.
*Again, having to sub on another floor and really being no use at all.  Nope, don't know where that room is.  Nope, don't know where he sits.  Nope, don't have keys to that cabinet.  What CAN I do for you?

*Homemade applesauce.
*This blog post.  Exactly what we need to hear sometimes.
*Finding out that a college friend of mine and her hubs are having identical twins!!  After months/years of trying and fertility treatment.  She told me this story.  She was going in for treatments and getting routine calls about how the embryos the doctor had taken were doing and finding out that the numbers were dwindling.  The week or so before finding out she was pregnant she was at a prayer session.  The pastor preaching told the story of David and Goliath and how it only took ONE rock to kill David's enemy.  My friend reminded her husband as they thought about the number of embryos going down: It only takes one.  And sure enough, God only needed one, to make into TWO!  So exciting!
*Colleen's visiting next weekend!  Woot!
*Running a 5k with Miss Marcy tomorrow!  We can do it rock star!  Oh yes we can!
*Conversations with John at work.  He's a character that one.

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