October 25, 2013

Awkward Awesome Friday

Happy Friday y'all.  So excited for this busy weekend of mine.  Looking forward to a night to myself tonight which will consist of yoga pants, homemade marinara sauce, Return of the King, and some online gaming.  Ah yes, good food and nerdom.  My kind of Friday night. 

-The way people at work consistently walk up to my desk and just stand there waiting for me to turn and look at them to see what they need.  No hello, no good morning, not even a hi.  They. Just. Stand there.  Say it with me... "MANNERS".
-Nearly dying by backstrokers yesterday morning.  I was swimming in my lane with my buddy Bill and a girl that was back for the first time in many months.  Four times.  Yes.  Four times they were swimming backstroke and nearly collided with me because they were inching their way to my side of the lane.  If I'd been on my back, I'd have a very beat up noggin. 
-Dreams about being back on my water polo team.  Vivid images of tossing a ball around with high school friends of mine and thinking "but I'm not IN high school anymore".  They let me play anyway.

-Fall hiking trips.
-Catnip. Feline marijuana. Cat pot.  Kitty cannibis.  I might have kitty pothead on my hands and it's hilarious.
-Healing.  It's a wonderful thing.  Even if things continue to confuse me or go wrong or disappoint me, healing is happening and I'm grateful.
-Homemade apple pie and watching the Great Gatsby with friends.  The pie was delicious if I do say so myself and the movie was really good.  Not bad for a Thursday.

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