October 10, 2013

Attempting Life as a Buffalo

I know it's been bit quiet over here this week.

And I'm here to offer a (hopefully) short explaination.  Things on the other side of this screen have been a little wobbly lately. 

Feeling overwhelmed with difficult circumstances, too much time for thinking, and confusion over my role in this little story. 

So I'm deciding to take a bit of a break from this space for now.

I've read on several other blogs to "write because you love it, not so people will notice".  But I'll be honest and say that that is not always easy for me.  Part of me wants people to notice.  People out there.  There are probably a lot of deep reasons why I feel that way that are rooted in my past. 

But these days I am teaching myself to look forward and not back. 

I read something today that really struck me.  I found it over here.

"Have you ever heard the phrase “run like a herd of buffalo”?

I first heard it in a book that I read years ago.
It was a book on faith and it was talking about trusting and running this race we call life well. You see, as the book described, a buffalo can only see clearly for ten feet in front of them. Yet, they run at like 50 miles per hour.

They also can’t see side to side very well. They stare straight ahead and run.

The analogy that the book was making is pretty clear and a really good one. We can only see a short distance in front of us. We have no idea how any situation will turn out. We don’t even know if we’ll be around come tomorrow. And so often, that uncertainty inhibits us and keeps us from running the race.

We look side to side and see or compare ourselves to other runners. We look side to side, wary of possible risks and horrible outcomes. And that looking side to side slows us down. Instead of just trusting and running, trusting and running.

You see, if we’ve really given a situation over to God then there’s no outcome that we should fear. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way we imagined or hoped, if we’ve given it to Him, it’s turned out exactly as He wanted and in the end, He really does know best."
This is truth.  And over the next several months I hope that I can be more like this.  Focusing on what I'm thankful for instead of what I don't have.  Being where I'm at instead of crying over where I want to be.  Blessing people with my own talents instead of wishing had someone else's.  And using the time I have instead of wasting it wishing I were somewhere else, past or future.

My goal is to live life and run like a buffalo.  Straight ahead, completely trusting God with what is in front of me.


  1. It's just like competing in the pool, Haley. Swim your own race. Watching those in the other lanes only serves as a distraction from your own mission ... to move ahead to a successful outcome.


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