September 19, 2013

Taking Stock

Came across this going through my Bloglovin' feed for the day and loved the idea of "taking stock" of the little things in life.  Sometime when you are stuck in a bit of a life-wobble with lots of white noise, it is good to take a minute and appreciate small things.  Sydney at The Daybook is one of the first bloggers I started following and one of my favorites!  She took this idea from this blog, and I copied it from her.

Making: room in my closet for sweaters and sweatshirts... come oooon fall!  Get here and stay put!
Cooking: not much these days.  Need some inspiration!
Drinking: too much Diet Coke.  Can't remember why I gave it up.  Oh yeah, because it's poison!
Reading: the Divergent series.  Waiting for book 2 to be available at the library, so I'm reading the Duggar's first book while I wait.  Can't help but love those people.
Wanting: to be a better friend, sister, Christian, and human being.
Looking: for babysitting and odd jobs to help make ends meet.
Playing: with the idea of eventually starting an Etsy shop.
Wasting: time.  So much time.
Sewing: a tear in my jean skirt.
Wishing: I had cable because 19 Kids and Counting is back on and I am so behind.

Missing: Rebecca.
Enjoying: feeling fast in the pool for the first time in a long time.
Waiting: God's timing.
Liking: that Ramona hasn't woken me up in couple days.  Thanks, kitty.
Wondering: when I will get to go to Curtis Orchard this year!
Loving: my small group and the way they support me through life wobbles.

Hoping: that Chris Powell's new book is as good as people say, and that it will help me out of my weightloss rut.
Marveling: at how I will have been here in B/N for 9 years in this November.
Needing: a vacation.  Very, very badly.
Smelling: delicious Salsarita's tacos as I write this on my lunch break.
Wearing: a t-shirt cardigan... because it is really hot today.  Hoping it's the last day I NEED to wear a t-shirt for a while.
Noticing: how much I miss my family.
Knowing:  I will be 28 in two months.  But not knowing how that happened.
Thinking: about friendship and how precious it is.
Feeling: really tired.  All The Time.
Bookmarking: inexpensive projects to do! And lots of them!
Opening: myself up to God's plans for my life instead of my own.
Giggling: at my desk during funny conversations with Em and John.  And giggling more when I realize people can hear me.
Following: Jesus.

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