September 29, 2013

Moraine View

Happy Sunday all!  I just got home from an overnight trip with two of my favorite gals, camping at Moraine View Park.  It was the first time I had camped since I was a kid and I forgot how much fun it can be.  It was a great time to celebrate Liz's birthday and enjoy getting away from the noise of B/N.
We started out with a hiking excursion around Moraine.
 Perfect, breezy, sunny day.
 Fall is here!
 This tree has a nose.  Your argument is invalid.

Happy Birthday Liz!! (can anyone tell I've had a desk job this summer?  Glow in the dark much?)
 Liz has excellent camp-site--picking skills.
Katie's dog, Yukon (Yuke, Yuker, Yukonator, Yukele), kept us safe and entertained.  Not sure if he had ANY fun though!

 Hey guys, is that food? For me, yes?
 Liz rocking her Woobie Cape.  This one is for you Today's Letters!  I had a fist pump picture, but it turned out a little awkward.  Next time, promise.
 Made it through a cold, rainy night reminiscent of many cold rainy camping trips spent with my family as a kid.  Took a while to get our fire started, but successfully made a nice hot breakfast! Toast and turkey bacon!
Sauteed onions and eggs w/cheese.
 Cookin' breakfast.  And Katie's photobomb.
 A misty morning on the lake.

I think camping is one of my new favorite things.  Forgot how fun it can be to just rough it for a day or two.  Looking forward to doing it again soon.  And with that, it's nap time. Over and out.

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