September 7, 2013

Big Shoulders Top Ten 2013

It's done!  I had a blast once again doing this with my Dad.  I'm so grateful that I've officially joined Master's and am hopefully following in his footsteps. (Even if I am slower than him.) ;)

 Here are my top ten moments from Big Shoulders 2013!

1. Arriving at the beach and discovering there were NO waves!
2.  Running in to my Master's lane buddy, Bill.  Nice to see a familiar face!
3. Getting in the water and joking around with a girl in my wave that we must be a little crazy.
4. Finishing the first lap, and discovering that was not tired!
5. Finish line!!! 
6. Getting to see my mom after a few months!  Only after slipping past my parents who were looking for me.  I had time to go grab my towel and hot chocolate before walking up behind them. "I'm not out there!" I said!
7.  Discovering how much better shape I'm in!  Last year I finished the 2.5k in 1:04 and this year I finished the 5k in 1:43.  HUGE improvement!
8. Being introduced to Bill's family and his GIGANTIC dog, Beauregard.  The biggest dog I've EVER seen.  He was amazing.
9. My gigantic Bulldog's burger for lunch.  And garlic fries.  And diet coke.  Heck, I swam 3.2 miles.  I can eat what I want today.
10. Dad surprising me by taking me into a bike shop and buying me a new bike!  It's awesome!  Very, very sweet icing on a sweet cake that was this weekend!


 I love this city.  Living here would be challenging.  But I love me some Chicago.  Even at 5am.
 Let there be light.
Calm waters.
 Gorgeous morning!

 I <3 you Chicago!
  Really Really.
 Ok, last skyscraper picture.  Promise.
 Very chilly waters!!
 The finish chute!

 Me looking a little nervous but ready to go!
 Me and my open water junkie, Dad!  Love you!
 I've never felt more B.A. in my life.

 I don't know what you see... but to me: What a difference from last year's picture.
 The "Slap Yo Mama" at Bulldogs w/ garlic fries.  We sat at a table covered with pictures of different bands.  Dad was able to name all but 3.  I could only name 4. :/
Isn't it beautiful?  Who knows, are there any triathlons in my future? o_O
Kitty girl likes the bike.  Rubbing her face all over the tire.  That's Mona language for: "I loves this!"


  1. way to go haley!! i may have gotten a little emotional reading that :) what an accomplishment!

  2. All that and a new bike. I see a triathlon in your future. You could race alongside your cousin Matt.

    1. That would be awesome, Matt would probably kick my butt at running and biking!


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