September 5, 2013

36 Hours

That's how long until I'll be on the beach in Chicago.  So stoked.  Praying for the waves to go down and for good weather!

You might wonder, what do you take to an event like this?  Unlike a 5k run, I'll be packing a bunch of goodies to take with me.

1. My awesome Speedo backpack.  A birthday present from my Dad last year.  It was a long overdue replacement as I was still using my sad little green packback from high school.
2. Two towels.  Always good to have a spare.
3. Cap and goggles.  I'll be given a cap on the beach but it's recommended to wear two to keep body heat in.  Plus the ones they give us are thin latex, and I'm in love with my splatter paint silicone cap right now.  
4.  Suit.  Obviously.
5. Wax earplugs.  I've never really swam with earplugs before.  I'm not super susceptible to swimmers ear.   But the water in lake Michigan is COLD.  Cold water in your ears is extremely uncomfortable.  
6. Slippers, tank, zip-up workout jacket, and the best yoga pants on earth.  For before and after the swim.
7. Drinkables.  2013 summer conference water bottle, 2012 summer conference Contigo mug for hot chocolate, (again to warm up before or after the swim), and Gatorade.  In case you didn't realize, 3 miles is a long way to swim.  Give me those electrolytes!
8.  Lake water is dirty.  Shampoo and soap is necessary.
9. A book to read.  I am afraid of driving in Chicago.  So since my dad is the registrar for this event, I will be at the beach before anyone else.  I'll have a couple hours to wait, so Julia will be keeping me company.

Here are my top ten moments from last year's swim.

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