August 9, 2013

It's Awkward Awesome Friday

*People...a person... in the cube next to me.  He clearly thought that a small cube wall blocks sound.  I was fortunate enough to get to hear him burp all afternoon... almost every day.  Yeah bud, it's a cubical.
*Going gluten free for a week.  Then being invited over to my friends' house for dinner and they made... pasta.  And garlic bread.  :D  But I sure ate it.  And it was delicious.
*How silly and goofy I get when I'm tired...even at work.
*The JCPenny and K-Mart back to school commercials.  Yeah...
*Crossing the street after my run, seeing a car in my peripheral vision, proceeding to dart across a little faster, then realizing the car is... parked.  

*Pulled up to a red light yesterday and glanced in my rearview mirror.  Noticed that the girl in the car behind me was mouthing along to the same Christian radio station I was listening to.  Pretty great moment.  Just wanted to shout out the window.  "Hey I love Jesus too!  Have a great day!"  
*Dad's visiting on Saturday!
*My small group leader and his wife.  These people honestly love me, lead me, believe in me, and are there to support me no matter what.  I'm proud to follow leaders like mine.
*Extreme Weightloss on ABC.  How incredible to watch these people transform their lives!  It makes me aware that I'm not the only one to struggle with food, that the struggle is real, and that it can be conquered.
*No walking during this morning's run.  And after the week of emotional struggle, this was a big win.

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