August 2, 2013

Happy Friday!

It's Awesome and Awkward Friday!

*Another Friday night with the McDowells.
*Get to sleep in tomorrow and spend the rest of the morning with my swim team at the CIOWS event!
*My swim team and my coach who seems determined to get me into shape.  I think I might be his project.
*My 30th birthday idea.  Can't express how much I want this to happen even though I have no idea how.
*Amazingly cool weather in July/August.
*My small group.  Have I mentioned how much I love them?
*Two guys at work that I like to think of as my floor's "Odd Couple".  Their friendship is adorable.  One is a younger probably mid-thirties guy who clearly spends lots of time at the gym.  The other is a man probably in his sixties who has tattoos and simply goes by E.B.  They're great and I always see them together!

*an open water swim event in Bloomington Normal.  We're not exactly known for our bodies of water.
*the French language.  Is any other culture so lazy with their letter sounds?  I can't help but be a little in love with it though.
*Watching Ramona "hunt" a small bug that creeped into our apartment.  She thinks she so tough but jumps when the bug moves.  Silly kitty.
*Broken escalators.
*The guys who work at Wild Country.  Are you trying to impress me by cursing on the job?  It's not working.
*Going to bed between 8:30 and 9 every night.  Can't help it.  I need sleep and I'm up between 4:45 and 5:15 six days a week.  How else am I going to avoid being exhausted?
*The two month old nail polish that is now only on my big toes.  And...I still wear sandals.  No shame!

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