August 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Clearview!

Happy Birthday ClearView!  
You are 10 years old and I wish I could bake you a cake like this one!  Because this is the one you deserve.  You have overcome great obstacles, and endured much over the past ten years.  Now you are a healthy, growing, Jesus-loving, God-worshiping, Holy Spirit-obeying church.  You have a great history so far and humble beginnings.  I have been a part of your life for nine years and am grateful for every one of them.  God has done amazing things through you in these ten years, and I cannot fathom what the next ten will bring.

You are responsible for keeping me in Bloomington, which has ended up being a blessing no matter what anyone else may assume.  You brought me a family away from home filled with leaders and siblings that I could rely on when things got tough.  You have been an incredible instrument in God's plan and I KNOW without a doubt that your work is just beginning.  

So thank you...

and happy birthday!! 
 Baptism day 2005!  Wish I remembered the exact date.
 Lots of memories out at Comlara Park

 Home #2 provided after two years at University High School.  This is where we would spend the next 6 years.
 In transition "waiting" for our new space to be finished.  There's a long history behind this photo!  Basically all members of the church were taking pictures out in front of our new space.  people kept trying to top each other.  I think we won.
Thank you God for your provision.

Dedicated to my wonderful leaders past and present: Jeff, Cheri, Justin, Tabitha, Ben, Angie, Brandon, Rose, Matt Bisch, Katie, Michelle, and all the others that have guided me along the way and given me strength to trust God through thick and thin.  Love you all!

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