August 30, 2013

Awkward Awesome Friday

Well played Meijer.


-That moment when you are walking on the CORRECT side of the hallway and the person coming towards you is walking on the INCORRECT side of the hallway and THEY refuse to accept that they are wrong and should move. 
-My old cute swim suit being too big and being forced to wear the "cuter" of my workout suits to a small group pool party.  And when I say cuter, I only mean teal is better than maroon.  My teal suit is a modest suit and is definitely not awesome.
-The lack of comments on this blog.  Any outsider would think I'm writing to hear myself talk.  This is silly, but I'd love to hear my readers thoughts so if you have something to share, give that comment button a tap!  If you don't have a google or wordpress account, you can post as anonymous and sign your name after your comment.  Come forth blog lurkers! Pretty please!
-The VMA's.  Got sucked in to watching them with friends on Sunday.  I won't even dignify the "performers" that have scarred me for life by putting their names here.  Granted, I had a blast with my friends, but when did music get so bad?  What the heck happened?!  I now definitely feel that I can defend the reasons I stick to Christian radio stations most of the time.  I really enjoy secular artists like Mumford and Sons, Adele, The Civil Wars(when they were together), and Imagine Dragons.  But so much of the pop "music" out there is just plain terrible!  Ok, I'll step down off my soap box now.


-This blue badge girl getting to go to the infamous "red badge only" State Farm Park.  We had our small group party there and it was awesome.  If I were an internal at the Farm, I'm pretty sure I'd be in that lazy river every weekend over the summer.
-Three day weekend.  Say it with me.  THREE DAY WEEKEND.  You teacher friends of mine don't understand the glory that are those three words.
-How much I'm loving the blogging world lately.  It's seriously my own form of therapy.  And all you lovelies who tell me you read it, even more wonderful!
-This new blog jewel I found on Wednesday.
My $6 maxi skirt I found at Clothes Mentor.  Only bought it after Beka had given me courage that I could pull one off.  It's so comfortable, I almost felt bad wearing it to work.  Almost.
-Finding a new wallet for $4... again at Clothes Mentor.  I might have a problem.

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