August 23, 2013

Awkward Awesome Friday!

Happy Friday!  The above photo is one of my favorites for three reasons.  1. Obviously this mand cares much more about his cello than himself in the rain. 2. I adore old photographs.  I'd like to believe this actually happened and that it wasn't staged. 3. It's delightfully awkward without being anything more than endearing.

-Telling a story to someone where you’re laughing hysterically and they just sit there looking at you like you’re crazy.  Maybe I am, so what?
-My pickle container leaking everywhere at work without me realizing it.  I put the lunchbox on my lap and then had to deal with my dress smelling like pickles for the next 3 hours.
-Running into former families of mine from daycares I’ve worked at and having to answer the question “oh, you’re not working with children anymore?”  Yeah, about that…
-How unbelievably loud my voice is… especially in an office environment.  Sorry work friends!
-The girl responsible for the fly problem last month greeting me outside.  Yeah, I don’t really know what to say to you young lady.
- How incredibly hungry I am all-the-time because of running and swimming.  Oh yeah, and I’m exhausted too.  Thanks body.
-Having my dad be all excited about signing up for the Alcatraz swim out in California.  Then me being a wet blanket by responding with "Oh cool! Where's that?".  I just didn't know what state it was in!  My social studies teachers would be so proud.
-The way I repeatedly fret on my way to work about whether I locked my door or not. (not every day, but at least once or twice a week)  I know that OCD is a very real and serious disorder, but is it safe to say that I am dealing with a minor case of it?

-Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream.
-Emilie (hopefully) coming home soon!  Not having her at work the past week (for a very legitimate reason) has been hard! 
-Clearview turns 10 tomorrow!  Ready to party with the family!
-Big Shoulders is in two weeks.  How did that happen?!  Praying for calmer water and faster time this year!
-I found a tea that I like!  It’s a sissy herbal tea, but I’m very excited about it!
-Coming home to a new kick board sent to me by my dad.

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