August 19, 2013

50 Things Part I

Last week I found two really awesome blogs.  On this one, the writer, Freya, came up with the idea of coming up with 50 random things about herself.  I thought it would be a fun challenge and maybe would be a good way to kind of learn more about coming up with fun blog series.  So I thought I'd copy Freya and put together a five-part fifty random facts series. As it turns out, Freya was right and thinking up fifty random facts about yourself is not as easy as you would think. So I'll be asking a couple people to contribute. It'll be fun to see what they come up with.  So here we go.  Facts 1-10.

  1. I have a very poor memory.  I always have to write things down in order to remember them.  I remember very little from my childhood.  I can recall very specific things at times, but then the simplest of details escape me.
  2. I’m an extremely vivid dreamer.  Almost every morning I can wake up and recall what I dreamt about.  My mom also is a vivid dreamer, so I guess I have her to thank.  I’ve tried everything to make them stop like not eating later, eating healthier, reading, and still. They are usually pretty strange and I enjoy talking about them.
  3. I often wonder if I was meant to live 60-70 years ago.  I’m extremely traditional, love black and white movies, believe that men should still wear hats and ladies should wear dresses and jewelry, and I appreciate simplicity.
  4. I like to joke that I’m a grown up on the outside but not on the inside.  I find things like coffee and alcohol very yucky, I use words like “yucky”, I enjoy Disney movies, I have a secret love for sugary cereal, and I like video games.
  5. I like video games.  Oh boy, nerd girl has been exposed.  Some of my favorite Friday nights are those spent at Emilie’s house with pizza and a little Lord of the Rings Online.
  6. I really like rainy days.  There is something so miserably splendid about them.  I love the smell of the rain when it first hits the pavement.  I love the way the water beads against windows.  I love things like umbrellas, raincoats, and wellies.  I love the way everything seems greener and more alive after a good summer rain.
  7. I absolutely love dogs.  I’m dying for one of my own.  They are such incredible animals in how loyal and joyful they are.  Just big furry balls of love and cutes! 
  8. One thing I cannot stand is a lack of manners.  People who use excessive amounts of vulgar language in public?  People who don’t hold the door for you when they know you are right behind them?  People don’t say please or thank you?  People who budge in line?  Yeah, I don’t understand you.
  9. When I was in seventh grade I wanted to be an architect.  I loved the idea of drawing things on paper and seeing them come to life before your eyes.  But then I realized how much math I would need.  And, I’m just not very good at math.
  10. I would rather go food shopping than dress shopping.  I feel that Julia Child and I are alike in this manner.  She would often comment when she lived in France that she had a hard time finding clothes for her six foot two frame.  I feel your pain Julia.

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