August 22, 2013

50 Things Part II

I'm sitting at my desk currently munching on a delicious salad from one of the food court vendors downstairs.  I've had this post ready for a couple days, and thought with some free time during lunch I'd post it up.  So here we go... things 11-20.  Happy Thursday!

11.      Fall is my favorite time of year.  Everything.  I just love everything about it.  Leaves, pumpkins, apple orchards, scarves, hoodies, leather boots, spice candles, baking pies, Thanksgiving, dark nail polish, bonfires, all of it.  I love all of it!
12.      I like to paint.  I don’t do it very often because canvases cost money.  But I really enjoy coming up with concepts for paintings and gifting them to people.  I’m nowhere near as talented as my crazy sister.  She’s done some really beautiful, unique, and complicated stuff for me and my parents. My art is simpler, but it’s a happy place.
13.      My sister and I are polar opposites.  Everything from the way we look to our personalities.  She’s very outgoing and adventurous.  I’m a homebody.  She’s long legged and slender.  I’ve long struggled with weight problems and have what I like to call “tree trunks”.  She’s got freckles and dark hair (naturally: though now she’s blonde and that at least makes us look a little more related).  I’m naturally blonde and not a freckle in sight.  Love you sissy!
14.      I’ve never had chicken pox.  My sister got them when we were little and I remember the poor kid getting oatmeal baths and being so itchy.  Mom and Dad encouraged me to play with her and be around her as much as possible so that I would catch them and get them over with.  But, I guess I have one heck of an immune system because I ended up getting vaccinated as a teen so that wouldn’t catch them as an adult.
15.      I like to talk to myself when I’m cooking.  Yep… little bit of crazy over here.  Seriously though.  Sometimes when I’m cooking alone I pretend I’m hosting a cooking show.  It’s a really stupid habit that I will need to break before I ever have to live with someone again.
16.      I’ve had more work done on my teeth than anyone would ever care to experience.  I’ve only had one filling, but I’ve experienced an expander, braces, implants, wisdom teeth removal, ugh.  But I’m grateful for my parents who forked up the money to make sure I had a pretty smile.   Oh and it’s really fun to see the first reaction from people when I inform them that I got implants in high school.  Heh heh. ;)
17.      Chocolate.  We seriously have a situation here.  I have a serious dependence on it.  You know when people say they don’t like a dessert because it’s too rich?  Yeah, I don’t understand those people because I have never encountered such a dilemma. 
18.      I’m prone to obsessions.  When I find something that I’m interested in I spend hours reading useless information on it.  Some of my more recent ones?  Marie Antoinette, Julia Child, Paris, the Duggar Family, travel, Tom Hardy, Jane Austen, Olan Rogers, style (even though I’m very lazy), cooking, and the list goes on. Oh, and when I find a blog that I like, I get this compulsion to read them from the beginning.
19.      This leads to the next fact that I know a little about a whole lot.  I can’t remember important things most of the time, but can recall movie lines, tv show quotes, music lyrics, and much more useless information that I would care to.  Often I’ll spit out some random fact about something and a friend will say “how did you know that?”.  My answer?  I’m a time waster.
20.  When I can’t sleep, the only thing that helps is singing a six to eight line hymn out loud over and over until I’m calm enough to drift off.

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