July 27, 2013

Little Things

Sitting at home on a Saturday.  It's the end of July and I've got my windows wide open with a cool breeze flowing through my little corner of Normal.  This weather is perfection can I just say?  I began to look around and appreciate little things here and there.
 My little kitchen.  It's so tiny.  But there are little things I love about it.  Like how things fit on top of the stove.  The rising bread dough that will go into my cast iron pot tomorrow.  My awesome pink mixer.  (Which I'm regretting not blogging the process to spray painting it.  It's was surprisingly simple.  It looked like this before.  I merely took off the metal parts, cover the motor and went to town with the spray paint.)  And of course, my Julia Child quote hung above my stove.
 My completed gallery wall.  It turned out pretty spectacular.
 This fun little shelf above my table.  Grandma's clock, my little cello cat from my private teacher years ago, my thrifted milk glass vases, and of course those cute little kids in their kitty cat and strawberry costumes.  (Me and Em at age 4)
 Grandma Ann's blue birds.  I always remember seeing these in her home and I was fortunate enough to inherit them.  I realized how many little things I received from her before she passed away and I feel very blessed.
My awesome (and thrifted) new end tabled next to a bed that wasn't made until 5:30pm.  Hopefully little kitty will not be able to knock this table over.  Looking forward to sanding and eventually painting it.

As much as I long for the day when I have a house that I can really make my own, I'm glad that I'm able to find ways to make a home in the mean time.

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